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Can I use your yarn as it is, or do I need to wind it? 
The yarn will arrive in a skein, or hank and needs to be wound into a ball, or cake, before you use it.  For advice on winding, please see the wool care page here.  

Skeins that I've bought together look different - what should I do?
As all of the yarn is hand dyed, no two skeins will be the same, even if I've dyed them together.  This is completely normal, even with commercially dyed yarn you'll find that they don't always match.  It's suggested that you alternate skeins - use one skein for a row or two, then switch to another skein, carrying the yarn you're not using down the side of your work. If you like a gradient look you could try working with one skein until you're about 3/4 of the way through, then alternate with the next skein until you're finished with the first, that way you'll gradually merge the two together.

How do I look after items I’ve made with your yarn?
Items made with yarn or fibre need to be looked after carefully to get the best from them.  Please see wool care page here

Do you take custom orders?
Yes! I love to work to create new colourways for you. I’m happy to work with inspiration pictures, film clips, music video outtakes, or whatever you throw my way.  I won’t take on anything I don’t think I can do justice to, nor will I copy another dyer’s work (please don’t ask me - ask the original dyer!).
Please understand though, that custom orders are not returnable, that your new colourway will maybe become a new colourway for my shop (exclusives are possible, but I may charge a little more) and that my interpretation may not match what you envisage.
Custom dyeing may take a few weeks.  Timing will depend on how busy I am, but just ask and I’ll give you an estimate. Payment is to be made in advance of dyeing.
Send me a message here

I’ve seen something I like, but there’s not enough/it’s not the right base. 
Just get in touch, a lot of my colourways are repeatable and I’m happy to dye them again. Some aren’t, but I can attempt to dye similar. 

My yarn doesn't look the same as on your website.
I do the best I can to provide photos as accurately as possible - and they are accurate on my screen. Unfortunately not all screens are equal, so what's right on mine, won't necessarily be the same on yours. The risks of internet shopping.

Do you ship outside the UK? 
I certainly do. Please see the delivery page here for information